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Our services include:

  • Advice on accessibility and inclusion.

  • Design of accessibility plans for cultural institutions.

  • Evaluation of the accessibility of equipment (environments and architecture), collections, services and personal resources.

  • Development of inclusive cultural programs.

  • Design of educational materials and accessibility supports.


Training program:  

Programs aimed at professionals in cultural spaces; museums, libraries, cultural centers, etc. We carry out workshops, training sessions, laboratories, conferences, etc., all of them with a marked practical nature that allows professionals and institutions to develop inclusive programs.

Tailor-made training:

If you want us to give some training sessions on accessibility and inclusion for your  team, fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.  


We seek new ways of participating in culture and its institutions through the development of inclusive cultural programs that respect and value the uniqueness of each person.

Empower Parents Program:

Empower Parents  is an educational and community mediation program, innovative in Spain, promoted by the ICO Foundation and EMPOWER. It aims to transform museums and cultural institutions into more humanized and accessible spaces.


It is currently being held in Madrid at the ICO Museum, the National Museum of Natural Sciences, the Royal Botanical Garden and the Telefónica Foundation.


Starting in January 2022, the program will travel to new Spanish cities.


We promote learning and the exchange of knowledge and practices through training and research in hybrid and transdisciplinary work groups; universities, cultural institutions, museums and professionals from different disciplines.

20211015-Empower-ICO-MHerran-0344   1.jpg


Research, studies and publications

Investigation Group:

APRENDIZAJES is a space aimed at rethinking the models of inclusion and accessibility of cultural institutions. Its objective is to promote ecosystems of cultural collaboration in which professionals from different disciplines and sectors work collaboratively.


Participants: the National Museum of Natural Sciences, the Royal Botanical Garden, the ICO Museum, the Casa Botines Gaudí Museum in León, the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, the Telefónica Foundation, the Autonomous University of Madrid and Plena Inclusión Madrid.
Curated and coordinated by the EMPOWER team.

Promoted by: ICO Foundation.




Empower Parents: Imagining Common Spaces, is an editorial project written and coordinated by Laura Donis.

The book presents the experience of the program from its origin at the Queens Museum in New York to its implementation at the ICO Museum in Madrid. It also includes reflections and interviews with different agents, artists and families who participated in the program and who share their experience in first person. The book closes with a chapter dedicated to the practice of the program that aims, in a simple way, to expose the work carried out throughout these years.

It was published by the ICO Foundation in December 2020, in Spanish and English, and the content of both editions can be downloaded for free.

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